A culmination of thought, advice, and personal experience from Heroes In Recovery Lead Advocates and Guests, who help bring our cause to light.

Heroes in Recovery
Margaret Phillips

Dear Addiction, Thank You!

April 13, 2017 by Margaret Phillips

The anger I held was toward others was an attempt to disguise the fact that I was actually disappointed with me. Anger was an easy emotion for me and one I felt totally comfortable with. When I was angry, it was another reason to engage in whatever self-destructive behavior popped into my head. And there were plenty!

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Bo Brown

What Addiction was Like for Me

April 6, 2017 by Bo Brown

Today, my life has changed. Gone are the days of isolation and self-defeat. I find purpose in the will to live life. Manipulation is no longer part of my life. I try to live an honest existence by living in the moment.

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Amy Cooper

Sober? Sex?

March 24, 2017 by Amy Cooper

Those of us who struggle with addiction have to be mindful after we become sober from the drug or drink of our choice. It is important to stay vigilant and avoid crossing into another addiction because of a temporary need to release oxytocin and endorphins.

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Bo Brown

We Are Fighting for Our Lives

March 21, 2017 by Bo Brown

We all know that addiction recovery is a life-long fight. It is resistant to treatment and prone to relapse. I am saddened by those friends that have lost their fight. It only makes me more determined to not be a statistic and to continue to fight. The last person that passed away was only 22. He was intelligent and had the world at his feet.

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Jamie Thompson

I Woke Up When I Died That Day

March 17, 2017 by Jamie Thompson

On this St. Patrick’s Day 2017, I share my story with you. If you feel like giving up… please don’t. If you feel like there is no way out… there is! Let others love you until you can love yourself. The feelings of hopelessness and helplessness are only temporary. I promise!

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