Heroes Award

Know someone who deserves to be recognized for their heroic efforts in breaking the stigma of addiction and mental illness? Nominate them for the Heroes Award!

Heroes award

What is the Heroes Award?

The Heroes Award recognizes those who exemplify qualities that support the Heroes in Recovery mission: breaking the stigma associated with addiction and mental illness.

The top nominee will be formally recognized at Foundations Recovery Network’s Moments of Change Conference that is being held October 2-5, 2017.

The nomination deadline is August 25th, 2017.

Nominee Qualifications

Nominees should excel in the following categories:

  • Empowering others to be successful in their recovery
  • Removing barriers that hinder people from seeking treatment
  • Changing the public perception of addiction and/or mental health treatment

Ready to Nominate?

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If you know someone whom you believe exhibits these qualities and should be recognized, please nominate him or her by and explain your reason for doing so. Nominations should be supported with specifics of what the nominee’s actions or efforts have been.

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