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Becoming A Conduit of Change; 3-Step Guide

| June 3, 2014

Becoming A Conduit of Change; 3-Step Guide

(I have decided to do something new and will release each step as a 3-part release.)

Not too long ago, change was not even in my vocabulary. I hated the idea of doing anything different than the way I wanted to do something. Today I embrace it. By accepting it into my life I find ways to go with the flow.

There is a place we can find every day that is hidden in our daily routine. I wake up excited because no matter how good/bad/indifferent my day may be I get to see this silver lining. Most days I am in a great mood. In fact I have been really fortunate to have a string of good days for a long time. Please don’t mistake that for nothing bad ever happening around me or to me. I have learned to accept it as an inevitable part of life. Since I have recognized it as literally what it is, life becomes a lot lighter.

Being Mindful- Step 1

Mindfulness helps me to redirect my energy toward projects/people that want the same type of results I do. We have different ways of getting to a particular goal so having more minds motivated on the same outcome brings different ways to get there.

You can practice being mindful by asking a couple different questions. What is it that bothers me about this situation? Is it in my power to change the situation? If so, how? If not, can I give the problem less power? Can I find a way to react differently to the situation, including not reacting at all? Also, never forget asking other people for help is a sign of growth and change especially if your way is not working. If we are using drugs/alcohol, would removing them help this problem to change? As we start to take into consideration the simple fact we have more options than we realized at our fingertips this becomes easier.

The focus has now shifted to another angle. I start to notice more opportunities present themselves. Then before I know it I am aligning with people who want to help me be the best me. They would like to see me succeed and grow. Together we come up with ideas that will help us flourish. We have fun doing many different things. It also brings confidence and abundance into our lives and our work.

Taking a step back and reassessing what is going on can open up the doors to energy that will guide you in the direction you would like to be going. You have to be willing to go about things a little bit different (okay…maybe, way different) than you would like but in my experience the results are far better than I have ever imagined.

When we are more mindful we expand our scope. Old outdated beliefs slowly change and narrow mindedness no longer suffices. New patterns emerge and they attract others operating on the same type of patterns. Very awesome stuff!!! Plus, it is not hard to get started. All you have to do is take that first step and something new happens. Even if it is just one new way of looking at something…

I hope after reading Step 1 you will check back in with me a couple of weeks from now and we will discuss 2nd step of Becoming A Conduit Of Change.

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