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Committing to End the Stigma Surrounding Addiction (Interview)

Foundations Events partnered with Shane Ramer, owner and producer of That Sober Guy Radio, for the Innovations in Behavioral Healthcare 2016 conference. The podcast discusses alcoholism and addiction recovery, providing a platform for guests to speak their minds and share their stories in an honest, intimate format.

 In this podcast Shane Ramer of That Sober Guy Podcast speaks with Heidi Huerta, the Heroes in Recovery Community Manager. Heidi has been Community Manager for over three years. Before taking this position, she spent two years helping women in recovery train for Heroes in Recovery 6k run/walks. She finds happiness working with women and their families and letting them know there is hope. She and Shane share a commitment to ending the stigma surrounding addiction.

Heidi Huerta and Shane Ramer discuss the value of building community through conversation. Over 20 million people do not get the substance abuse treatment they need, and over 10 million do not get mental health care. The more people talk, the easier asking for help becomes. Conversation helps people find recovery. Individuals hear stories they relate to. They learn about others reaching out, expressing vulnerability, and finding hope. They find the strength and courage to do the same. Stigma, a barrier to this recovery, is based in misunderstanding. When individuals share their stories, everyone becomes more comfortable learning about addiction. As Heidi, Shane and others start conversations, they raise awareness.


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