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Last Call

Nancy Carr
| February 10, 2017

Community Partner Nancy Carr is a sober blogger and writer who hopes she can bring awareness to others about addiction and recovery and help break the stigma. Her work has appeared on numerous recovery websites and blogs, such as The Fix, XOJane, Addiction Unscripted, Recovery Connection, and many others. She has her own blog, Last Call, where she likes to share about recovery, alcoholism, drug addiction and life’s day to day challenges. She also wrote a Memoir, “Last Call, A Memoir” to share her story of hope with others.

Why I started my blog Last Call:

I started my blog to support my Memoir that I wrote, “Last Call, A Memoir” and to help spread a message of hope and break the stigma of addiction. In regards to why I wrote my Memoir, it was in late 2003 where I found myself at 36 years old typing in my journal about how f&*#@ up my life was with alcohol and drugs. My life was spinning out of control and I was too scared to ask for help. Soon after this journal entry, I received my 2nd DUI and knew I needed to do something different, but I wasn’t sure what that would be? I was quickly nudged by my attorney to go to an AA meeting and get a court card signed to show the judge some mercy on me. Horror of all horrors to me as I didn’t want to give up the two things that made me the happiest – drugs and booze.

Six weeks after that piece of advice, I walked into a meeting – and I haven’t looked back since.

I started journaling more and more about my life and my experiences that had led me to that AA meeting and by early 2005; I had compiled a 250 page manuscript for my own Memoir, “Last Call”. I worked with an Editor to get an agent or a publishing house to show some interest – no such luck. So I went about my daily living in getting and staying sober and moved on in my professional career.  My memoir literally sat on my book shelf for over 10 years until a friend of mine urged me to self-publish it through Amazon Kindle. In early 2015, I took that plunge and it’s been an amazing journey of self-discovery (again) love, and being of service to others.

One thing that makes me the happiest is to get that email from someone saying how much my Memoir helped them see their addiction clearly, and that they weren’t too scared to ask for help because of my experience. That is what keeps me blogging, connecting and doing whatever I can to help others in their sobriety plight.

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