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Living in Grace

Julie Rogers
| October 16, 2017

Submitted by: Julie Rogers

“Grace: The effortless flow of existence; love and favor freely bestowed on us.”

In Deepak Chopra’s book, Power, Freedom and Grace, “grace” is described as “the effortless flow of existence that comes when you live in harmony with life, when the rhythms of your body and mind are in sync with nature’s rhythms. To live in grace is to experience that state of consciousness where things flow and your desires are easily filled.” Grace is magical, synchronistic, coincidental and joyful. It is that “good-luck” factor.

Grace can mean many things and appear in many forms. The first time I was aware that grace had been a large part of my life in recovery, was at the FADAP (Flight Attendant Drug and Alcohol Program) conference in Baltimore. I had just celebrated eleven years in recovery from alcohol and things were finally starting to fall into place in my life. I had just entered into an incredible relationship, I had finally been awarded a base transfer to Seattle with Delta Air Lines, which I had been waiting for over ten years. All of the hard work I had put into the relationship with my two boys was really starting to pay off.

I was asked to introduce one of the speakers for the conference, and as with anything that had to do with speaking in front of large groups, I was nervous. However, when I found out I was introducing Jennifer Angier from Black Bear Lodge (a part of Foundations Recovery Network), I was able to talk with her beforehand, and my anxiety was replaced with intrigue. Her talk was entitled “Moment of Grace”. I was curious what she would have to say about grace, something I had heard so much talk of but knew nothing about. I had many questions, such as, “What does grace look like? How do you recognize it– and more importantly, how can one live in grace?”

As I sat and listened, I found myself hanging on every word. So much of what she shared resonated, especially with what she had to say about hope, about faith, and how grace shows up when we are doing the work. When we start trusting ourselves, when we let go, when we stop interfering and trying to control and when we have faith, grace happens. I had done all of those things and as I looked back over the previous years, I could recognize the threads, that effortless flow, and the love and favor that had been shown to me in my life.

Grace offers hope, which gave me the ability to persevere when faced with obstacles and setbacks. When you are living in this state, your mind is liberated from mental slavery, you enjoy happiness, and you have a relaxed mind and boundless energy. It is the antidote to spiritual dis-ease, to anxiety, paranoia and depression.

I am still amazed at what has been shown to me as I continue on my journey of recovery and I still see how grace is working in my life. I was led to Heroes in Recovery by a post that Jennifer Angier made through Black Bear Lodge where Heroes in Recovery was mentioned. I had never heard of Heroes in Recovery before and in my curiosity I decided to research it and loved everything they are about and are doing to break the stigma of addiction and mental illness.

I was drawn to be an advocate, so I applied and today, because of the trust I have in myself and in the universe, I have faith that I am being led to live my best life, and to serve others with ease and joy in the hopes of bringing one moment of grace to those around me.

How do you open up to grace in your life? How does it appear? How do you recognize it when it does? Below is a quote from Anne Lamott with that belief that grace will lead us into living our best lives:

“I do not at all understand the mystery of grace-only that it meets us where we are but does not leave us where it found us.”. ~ Anne Lamott





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