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Heroes in Recovery is proud to announce the recipients of its biannual Heroes in Recovery Award at Foundations Recovery Network’s Moments of Change conference. The award is presented to everyday heroes who aid in the cause of treatment for addiction and mental health issues.

Rob Waggener, Vice President of Addiction Services for Foundations Recovery Network, presented the award to this years’ recipients: Kelly Fitzgerald and Dave Humes.

Kelly Fitzgerald is a well-known sober blogger and recovery advocate recognized as “The Sober Señorita.” Her message focuses on living a full life in sobriety and impacts people around the globe. Her work has been featured by online publications such as “The Huffington Post” and “The Fix” as well as many other addiction-related sites. Kelly’s goal is to tell others that help is available for substance use disorders and that recovery is possible.

“I am overcome with gratitude and humility at the thought of winning the Heroes in Recovery award. I know I am in great company, and I take this as a sign from the universe that I am on the right path in my life and in my recovery,” Fitzgerald said. “Living your truth is the bravest thing anyone can do and I will continue to encourage it until we live in a world without stigma.”

Dave Humes lost his son Greg to a drug overdose in May 2012. Greg may have survived if there had been access to naloxone, the opioid overdose reversal antidote, or if a 911 Good Samaritan Law was in place. With this in mind, Dave channeled his grief into a newfound motivation: advocating for opportunities to save a life in Greg’s name. He has chosen to support efforts that will help prevent situations where other parents find out that their child could have been saved if the right intervention had been administered sooner. Dave initiated the Pennsylvania Overdose Prevention Action Network (POPAN), where they have worked to implement 911 Good Samaritan and naloxone access laws in the state.

“I am grateful to Foundations Recovery Network in being presented with the Heroes award. It recognizes the advocacy being done by atTAcK addiction to create effective change in drug policy and end the stigma of addiction. On a selfish note, it honors the memory of my beloved son, Greg,” Humes said.

A committee selects the Heroes in Recovery award recipients after reviewing nominations received throughout the year. Nominations for the 2017 awards at the Innovations in Recovery conference in San Diego, Calif., can be submitted at

About Heroes in Recovery:

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), 20 million people needed substance abuse treatment last year and did not receive it. Ten million Americans did not receive needed mental health care. The stigma associated with substance abuse and mental health disorders creates a significant barrier to individuals and families seeking help.

Heroes in Recovery is a grassroots movement intended to remove the social stigma associated with people who are in recovery, to recognize the heroic effort it takes to overcome the obstacles in seeking help, and to celebrate the act of preventing the past from kidnapping the future. While the movement initially focuses on persons recovering from addictive behavior, it is meant also to recognize heroes recovering from many other types of disorders and trauma that can feed or manifest from an addiction.


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