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Resolutions, Goals and Intentions

Marta Mrotek
| January 25, 2016

Ah January, a time of new beginnings and a renewed desire for change. The new year often comes with the setting of resolutions. For some people it is a time to sit down and review the last year as we reexamine our goals and plans for the future. While I do think resolutions and goals can be good things, I know that there is something even better. You see— the problem with resolutions is that they can so easily be broken. As soon as we slip up it’s over. We fall off of whatever wagon we were on and, “Oh well, maybe next year.” We’re actually affirming the illusion of control as we make and throw out our resolutions in a matter of days or weeks. Even with our goals we tend to get frustrated when we veer from our plans and sometimes disappointment sets in when life gets in the way.

One of the most potent tools I’ve found for affirming and creating the energy for growth and change is setting an intention. Go ahead and keep your resolutions and goals if you like, in fact you can incorporate all three to achieve great things but it is important to understand the difference. Your intentions almost always express at least some of the deeper truth that lies behind your goals and resolutions. We dig around a little and look for the indwelling desire, the underlying wisdom that drives the desire for change, and find something that feels more sacred.

Our intentions come from a higher sense of self that knows what we really need. So if the resolution is to exercise more or to quit drinking, the goals that follow might include losing weight or gaining a certain amount of time sober, with plans like finding a program or joining a gym. These are all very good things but without intention they are not quite as good as they could be. When we add the intention for healing, for health, for connection with Spirit, Truth or Peace ,we are connected with the energy that makes things happen. Right away, we start to feel drawn to take action and our true desire begins to feel attainable in the present. We start to recognize the power of this moment and procrastination falls away. Giving up is no longer an option and failure is no longer a factor because our intentions don’t lie. They don’t play games and they don’t make deals or excuses.

When those intentions are combined with action, life begins to change. It’s not magic and it isn’t effortless but we can begin to address the work at hand with far more energy and focus. There is lightness and a higher vibration that resonates from our intentions. They come from someplace down deep inside where there is no denying the heart’s most pure desires. There is no struggle, no judgment or fear because now it doesn’t have to happen exactly when or how we planned. We just KNOW that it’s happening. You can feel it. That’s really is the key, intentions are so much easier to feel and they can never really be broken because we are constantly affirming them. We are in a constant state of creation so every moment is an opportunity to begin again. People in recovery already understand how it works, sometimes we just need to be reminded that it works for everything. Over and over, day by day, hour by hour and even one minute at a time we float our intentions out into the energy field and believe.

Here’s to healing! Have a happy and healthy 2016!

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