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Spread Your Sober Wings

Amy Cooper
| June 15, 2017

The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough ~ Rabindranath Tagore

The symbolism of a butterfly is ‘change’ and we in recovery are not supposed to live in the future, but in the present. We are supposed to count our days 24 hours at a time. We count staying sober one day at a time instead of clumping all the stories of our entire life into just one conversation with whomever will listen.

Caterpillars are amazing little creatures as they cocoon for a period until they spread their wings and become the butterfly they were intended to be. My knowledge of what happens with the caterpillar alerts my senses to what is happening in my life, in my daily sobriety.

To me, thee cocoon symbolizes the first stages of recovery and even though the caterpillar’s time in a cocoon is short, ours can take a full 1-2 years before our wings are ready. I believe in our first few years of recovery we can cocoon more than a few times as we are getting our mind, body and soul to a peace that sobriety brings us.

Each time I experience change, the transformation is amazing. When I enact new responses to defeat or judgement or negativity in my life, I am amazed. Change seems to get easier each time!

Recently, I was in a recovery meeting and we were discussing spirituality. This topic is something I have struggled with as I want to know right now (instant gratification) why things are not the way I believe they should be. God’s timing is usually not our timing, but His, so we have to learn patience. Patience is something we need to embrace in all aspects of our life.

If we only slow down and honestly take inventory, God will show us our true self. We are all a work in progress and if we can STOP internally judging and beating ourselves up and realize we are human, and that the only perfection is God… then, well, we can make it through the day.

In sober living, we are to take our own inventory daily. This is a learned behavior which will help us with life on life’s terms. When we address our flaws daily, the buildup that causes us to explode is less likely to be a volcano of frustration or even anger.

It helps if we embrace that we are all in different stages of daily growth and some will fly sooner than others.

That doesn’t mean we are better than others, but it means maybe we have more time, education, more experience, more recovery, but never more of being a worthy human being or being worthy of God’s love than our neighbors.

All of us are called to do great things. Listen and sit still long enough to hear so you can spread your wings and be the beautiful, sober butterfly you were intended to be. Make meetings, call and meet with your sponsor, work your steps, work with others in recovery and before you know it, the cocoon will be gone and your wings will have you soaring like the eagle!

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