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Running as a Whole Fosters Community

Heroes In Recovery
| July 13, 2017

Running as a whole fosters community. It’s about the personal challenges we set for ourselves and the encouragement, support and friendships made along the way. The challenges are ever-evolving, but community is a constant.

I ran my first Ragnar Relay in Tennessee because….well, my friends invited me and it took me out of my comfort zone! I couldn’t get enough of the laughter, camaraderie or the feeling of facing and overcoming the fear of the unknown! Those middle-of-the-night and break-of-dawn morning runs can be intimidating, yet they are surreal and beautiful at the same time! I was hooked and I wanted to do it again!

Ragnar Relay Northwest Passage will be the third Ragnar Relay for Team Heroes in Recovery. The goal is and has always been to have fun, oh and to finish! It is incredible to have the experience of spending 24 hours and 200-ish miles with such inspiring friends. We all share a unique and deep passion…celebrating and supporting life in recovery!  Every single one of us has a mission to break the stigma associated with substance use and mental health issues. This alone has created lifelong friendships. On a much larger scale, Ragnar Relay – Team Heroes in Recovery, serves to collaborate with like-minded movements and organizations to break the stigma and provide hope for those who struggle.

To coin a phrase and attitude shared with me by Ragnar Heroes in Recovery teammate Pam Rickard and THP Run Coach that motivates me in every facet of my life: “Why do we run? Because WE CAN!!”

Learn more about Heidi Huerta, Heroes in Recovery Community Manager & Ragnar Relay Team Captain!

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