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NEW Heroes Swag : Woke, Not Wasted Tumbler

Heroes In Recovery
| May 31, 2018

Introducing your new favorite tumbler with an even more important message. The Heroes in Recovery “Woke, Not Wasted” cups represent our social movement aimed at eliminating the social stigma surrounding addiction and mental health issues.

What does “woke” mean, exactly?

Great question.

What the “Woke” Tumbler Represents

woke not wasted tumblerWhile it’s the improper form of “awake” (fill your tumbler with coffee and it can help with that, too!), and in many cases means something like “aware of current events,” we wanted to take this opportunity to tell you what “woke” means to us:

    1. Woke is knowing the facts: “According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), while 23 million people need treatment for addiction each year, only three million actually seek the help they need.”
    2. Woke is doing something about them: Heroes in Recovery exists to eliminate the social barriers that prevent individuals from seeking the help they need. Through live events and an online community, HiR creates opportunities to expose social stigma and give back to local charities across the country who are working to wipe it out.
    3. Woke is sharing your story. We encourage our community to share their stories of recovery, in hopes that they will empower and inspire others on the same path.
    4. Woke is celebrating and encouraging others. Through our Heroes in Recovery race events, we run 6K instead of the traditional 5K to celebrate the additional effort it takes to pursue a life in recovery.
    5. Woke is breaking the stigma. Together as a community, we’re working to break the stigma at its source, encourage individuals to find the help they need, and celebrate every small and big step of the way.


Get woke. Claim your own tumbler and join the movement at
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