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The Story Behind the 3.73 Miles Sticker

Heroes In Recovery
| May 31, 2018

3.73: The New 26.2

Regardless of if you saw it on the back of your neighbor’s car or on the front of your coworker’s laptop, the signature 3.73 sticker of the Heroes in Recovery 6Ks are taking over your local community and beyond. Typically, runners flaunt 13.1 and 26.2 mileage stickers for half and full marathons to commemorate their training and accomplishment. But when you finish a Heroes in Recovery 6K, virtually or at a live event, there’s even more than usual to celebrate:

First, it’s the reason we run 6K instead of a traditional 5K — to acknowledge the extra effort it takes to sustain a life in recovery, and to honor those who have found the courage to seek help for addiction and mental health issues.

Supporting the #BreakTheStigma Mission

3.73 mile stickers are also instrumental tools in our core mission to #BreakTheStigma surrounding addiction and mental health issues. Heroes in Recovery is a community that aims to eliminate the social stigma that prevents individuals from seeking help by sharing encouraging stories of recovery and creating an engaged sober community that empowers people to get involved, give back and live healthy, active lives.

Participation in a Heroes in Recovery 6K also benefits charities around the country that have feet on the ground in local movements to provide support for addiction and mental health issues.

In short, 3.73 stickers represent not only an individual’s race event accomplishment, but also their place in a community that believes in cheering one another on, sharing stories, empowering others and #BreakingTheStigma.

Want your own 3.73 sticker? Get one at a Heroes in Recovery live event or when you sign up for a virtual 6K.
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