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Changing Disappointment into a Chance for Development

Heroes In Recovery
| August 4, 2015

There sat Kyle as a teenager. He was athletic, good-looking and fun to be around. He also made very poor grades, got into trouble and was unreliable. It sounds like the beginning of a story of disappointment and frustration that most people roll their eyes at. The reason it’s frustrating is that we all probably know someone like this. This is someone we care about, who we want to grab by the shoulders or ears, depending on your frustration level, and shake him until he snaps out of it!

For many people like Kyle out there, it’s a story of frustration that has a disappointing ending. For others, something finally clicks and they turn into the person we all hoped and knew they could be. What is the difference? What makes this person turn the corner from dud to stud?

A couple of key components involved in this change are maturity and development. Maturity needs to come before key improvements can really happen. Once maturity or willingness is there, one has to focus on important areas of development to address. Development can come internally by reading a book or studying a subject, going to a place of solitude for prayer or practicing a skill on your own. Development can also come externally by working with someone else like a coach, mentor or teammate.

Fast-forward to today: Kyle has a great degree in a specialized field, is an extremely successful business owner, conducts himself in a respectful manner and treats his family well. A disappointment in the making turned into a bigger success story than even his most optimistic supporters probably imagined. He was able to change the course of his story by focusing on the areas of development in his life—both personal and professional—then employing the right strategies to see these areas of development through.

Now to You…

  1. Have you enhanced your life or career by developing new strengths or skills?
  2. If so, how did you develop them—internally, externally or by some other means?
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